Let me revise that title…. 10 gift ideas for the Globetrotter in your life that ARE NOT   plane tickets – that kind of gift beats all these, hands down! Family, friends, colleagues, take note – i’ll act surprised, promise 😉

SCRATCH MAPscratch-map

Remember that scratch craze back in the 90’s? It’s baaaack… travel edition. The perfect way to keep up to date with your travels – simply visit a country, return home to scratch it off, rinse and repeat. These scratch maps can be addictive though, and may result in an increase of travelling – beware! Find one (and plenty other scratch products here)

LUGGAGE WEIGHER10062964twohandedluggagescale_x

A nifty little gadget EVERY traveller needs in their carry-on… a luggage weigher!

The perfect present to avoid airport upsets, described a life-saver by many (including yours truly). This is an ESSENTIAL and goes with me anytime I fly international. Available here:


Never lose your passport/boarding passes/important documents again! Get one in a cute print for that mandatory pre-departure insta (let’s be real, everyone does it). My beautiful friends got this one for my birthday from here:

CUSTOMISED MAPcustomized-map

A cool start up company combining technology, design and maps to allow you create and custom your very own framed map – from wherever in the world you choose! This would be a gift I would get a friend who is working overseas – a customised map to remind them of their small little hometown, while they are working in the big smoke. How thoughtful! Available here:


These are so unique and cool – delicate, sterling silver rings featuring major landmarks of various cities. Have the world at your fingertips – literally! Buy one here:


A fun little gift to put under the Christmas tree- these little kits contain everything you need to mix up two cheeky cocktails at 30,000 feet. Available in Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, Hot Toddy, Moscow Mule, Champagne or Old Fashioned – you pick your poison.


You might have seen this little product FLOOD social media through their Kickstarter page – it has made me want to try one, badly. Essentially a revolutionary travel pillow, FaceCradle straps to the back of your seat on long haul flights and supports your face while you lean forward to sleep. Genius – click here to read more.

TRAFFIC STUB DIARYtravel-stub-diary

For the scrap booker in your life – this diary keeps all previous travel memorabilia safe – those postcards, museum tickets, boarding passes, brochures EVERYONE saves from their travels. Get one here:

CORD TACOScord-tacos-00a

I’d like to give a huge round of applause to the person who invented these. What are Cord Tacos, you ask? All they do is simply clean up all those annoying wires in your travel bag. Simple yet effective. Get one here, or search around on Etsy.



I have been a fan of Emma Kate and her wonderful work for a long time now, so when I heard she was coming out with a 2017 Planner – obvi I had to mention this. Filled with magical brush-lettered quotes, a whole heap of SPACE and an inspiring 2017 Manifesto, this diary is the perfect gift for a wanderlusting globetrotter who wants to plan her upcoming trips in style. Purchase one from her site here:


Yes, NY TIMES. A boxed set of the infamous ’36 hours in..’ book series, organized from A-Z, covering 365 destinations total. Never be stuck for travel inspiration again! (OR if you are, read my blog, heh). The best part? As well as being a great addition to your coffee table, the entire set is available digitally – perfect for the travel-obsessed. Pick up the set or individually here:

That wraps up my gift guide for this year, what am I missing? What would you love to get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments! <3

Hayley Elder

Hayley created Travel in Your Twenties in 2016 as an information hub for young twenty-somethings who want to travel the world: whether it be through studying, working, volunteering abroad - or for travellers just wanting to have an adventure! She spent last year studying in both Italy and Canada, before returning back to her home of New Zealand. Where next?! Who knows! Come join the adventure!

  1. Rob Machon says:

    Pretty amazing site. Your ideas are great. Are you being paid commission for those referrals to the products shown ? Hope so?

    • Hayley Elder says:

      Ha, thanks so much! I tried to create links back to me, but not sure if they worked! Definitely something for next year. Hope you had a good christmas!

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