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Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party is probably one of the most well known parties in the world – hundreds and thousands of partiers flock to Ko Pha Ngan every month (and now every 2 weeks) to celebrate that month’s full (and half) moon on Haad Rin Beach. Going to the Full Moon party is on nearly every 20-something’s agenda when visiting Thailand, and it should be: It’s an experience of a lifetime! Here’s 7 things you need to know before you go:

1. How to get Ko Pha Ngan and Haad Rin Beach

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The actual party is held on Haad Rin Beach: around 20 minutes drive from the port into Koh Pha Ngan. Unfortunately you can’t fly directly to Ko Pha Ngan –it is most common to make your way to nearby island Koh Samui and catch the 45 minute ferry over– about $15- $20 AUD one way. It’s very easy to get to the beach once you step onto the island– almost all tuk tuks and taxi drivers will know where you want to go. It costs about 150 baht to get from the port to the beach/ your accommodation on Ko Pha Ngan.

2. Book accommodation – for reals.

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Booking accommodation is tricky here – hotel owners are a bit cheeky and say you have to stay a minimum of 3-5 days, when they know full well the party is only on for one night! Because we were on a budget (and thought it would be fun) we decided to skip accommodation all together, catch the ferry to Ko Pha Ngan in the afternoon and not leave til the next morning. This meant partying for 17 hours before we could get back to our hotel and sleep. Good god. Although it turned out to be fine (soul destroying, but we survived) we would 100% recommend staying on Ko Pha Ngan those couple of extra days, as close to Haad Rin as you can so you can go back to your hotel after/during the party to a) go to the bathroom b) air conditioning c) water d) collapse when you want. These are the basic essentials we missed the most. Apparently the pre and post Full Moon parties are really fun, so if you stay you will be able to experience those as well! If you are a trooper and decide to stick it out for the night, good luck- if you have any hilarious stories, let me know in the comments below!

3. What to expect:

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Entry fee to the Full Moon Party is 100 baht, leading you to the centre of the party. The stretch of Haad Rin beach is divided into sections, with each section playing a different type of music. Start from Magic Mountain (the secret bar up near the rocks on the left hand side) and walk through trance, house, rap, AND trap before making your way to the main stage, which plays typical club music. There are restaurants and bars scattered just up from the beach, as well as the ever-important 7-Eleven – home to anything you will ever need on the night of Full Moon. Expect to pay twice the price for the essentials though – even going to the bathroom costs 20 baht!

4. What to wear:


Anything goes during the Full Moon Party – people dress in bikinis, borat suits, completely naked.. whatever they feel comfortable in. The majority of people wear anything hi vis- (highlighter colour tank tops, shorts, dresses, and tshirts), all available on Ko Pha Ngan for a couple of dollars. An equal amount of people just wear normal clothes and accessorise with hi vis – flower bracelets, necklaces, headbands… – you name it, Ko Pha Ngan has it. It is normal to have highlighter/UV paint all over you too, however…

5. Don’t pay anyone to paint you!

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If you take anything from this article, just remember that you have other paint options available than just the pretty stands (pictured above) dotted all over the beach. We went to one of these stalls and paid 400 baht, only to find that you could buy separate paint and paintbrushes for 20 baht each! We were so annoyed and wish someone had told us before going! If you do have the money, these paint artists are incredibly talented, but if you are on a budget, DEFINITELY go for the paint and do it yourselves –let’s be real, the paint lasts about an hour before it wears off anyway and that money could be put to better use – like buying a bucket!

6. Check your drinks:

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This is an obvious one, but something that every one NEEDS to be reminded of…

Check your drinks before you drink them! If you’re having an RTD, check the cap hasn’t been touched AND the official brown seal hasn’t been tampered with. If you’re having a shot, ask for a brand new bottle to be opened – and if you are having one of Thailand’s infamous buckets –either buy it with bottles and mix it yourself, or ask them to pour it in front of you. Make sure you buy your drinks from a reputable server, and if it tastes at all weird – don’t drink it, it isn’t worth it.

7. Have a meeting spot for your friends:

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Full Moon is CRAZY, absolutely packed with people, and it is so easy to lose your friends when you are making your way through the crowd. It’s a good idea to create a meeting point just in case one member of your squad gets separated – which is bound to happen. Point it out at the start of the night, and then you can party stress-free. Problem sorted.






These are the things I wish someone had told me before going to the Full Moon Party, so I hope these tips can help out a first-timer! Full Moon Party is SO much fun and everybody should go! Here are the official dates ’til the end of 2016:

  • Friday 16 September 2016
  • Monday 17 October 2016
  • Monday 14 November 2016
  • Wednesday 14 December 2016

    I happened to film our Full Moon experience, watch the vlog if you want to see what it’s like!


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