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  I had originally planned to write about the Alhambra in a blog post about Granada, which is definitely my favourite city in Spain, but I realised pretty quickly that it is really a place which deserves its own coverage! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, a visit to the Alhambra was included as part of my trip with Topdeck, as it really is a must-do if you are visiting the city! When you are travelling for a long period, we all know how easy it is to

  Since my parents met on a Topdeck tour in the late eighties, I’d always felt a lot of curiosity about bus tours as a form of travel (mostly because I wouldn’t exist otherwise!)  In 2014 I took the Iberian Coast tour with Topdeck; a 2 week trip through Spain, Portugal and Morocco, which was a fantastic experience. Since then I have had many people ask me for the  low-down on bus tours, and the truth is that like any form of travel, bus tours have quite a list of

  When planning my gap year, I suddenly become aware that I had only visited, aside from stopovers in Hong Kong and Singapore, westernized and white-majority countries. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and go somewhere with a huge cultural contrast, and so ended up on a 4 day trip to Morocco. It was a fascinating and eye-opening experience; for the first time I was confronted with the importance of respecting another culture which was diversely different my own. My thoughts on this really started when a

  One of the greatest things about living in New Zealand is the fact that we don’t have to travel far at all to experience some of the world’s most scenic destinations! We are so lucky to be able to live in such a small, beautiful and diverse country, where it is extremely easy and inexpensive to experience the beauty of New Zealand. The cute little French town of Akaroa, an hour and half’s drive from Christchurch in the South Island, is the prime example of this: it’s basically in

      In a flashback to December 2013, the planning for my summer European tour was in full swing. The top item on my bucket list? To hit up one of the legendary summer music festivals. My German friend Josie, a hard-partying and festival-going pro, promised to find us something. One afternoon at work I got a text: I’ve found us a festival! It’s called SonneMondSterne. She wrote. The early bird tickets are really cheap, but they finish today. I can get some for us! It was an invitation

Hi guys! I’m Beth, and I’m super excited to start blogging alongside Hayley to chronicle my travel adventures! Travel and writing are two of my biggest loves in life, so I jumped at the chance to both relive past experiences and make sure I take up every opportunity for adventure that comes my way. My mantra has always been that even the most embarrassing experiences make for a great story later (some of which I have no doubt will end up on this site!) My decision in 2014 to take