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Let me revise that title…. 10 gift ideas for the Globetrotter in your life that ARE NOT   plane tickets – that kind of gift beats all these, hands down! Family, friends, colleagues, take note – i’ll act surprised, promise 😉 SCRATCH MAP Remember that scratch craze back in the 90’s? It’s baaaack… travel edition. The perfect way to keep up to date with your travels – simply visit a country, return home to scratch it off, rinse and repeat. These scratch maps can be addictive though, and may result in

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. I’m used to a summer Christmas, so when I spent last year having my first ever white christmas (didn’t even snow, fml) I milked it for all its worth – I’m talking Christmas markets twice daily. No exaggeration. I had an obsession! Here are my TOP Christmas Market picks in Berlin, Germany: WEIHNACHTSZAUBER -GENDARMENMARKT Gendarmenmarkt is a popular square in Berlin which TRANSFORMS into a winter wonderland come Christmas, probably the most atmospheric of them all. We’re talking a giant tree, professional carollers, rows

I used to LOVE airports. To me, it meant the start of an adventure… going somewhere new, anticipating what I would be exposed to next. Unfortunately, after a solid year or so of travelling, airports have lost their charm. I still get that feeling of excitement, but it has now been tainted by all those annoying things that happen at airports… overpriced food, queues for days, terrible wifi.. cheap hand soap in the bathrooms… the list goes ON! Luckily I have now got the whole airport thing down pat, and

Short answer: You absolutely cannot. Believe me, I tried my hardest – I woke up at 4am to watch the sunrise, and soldiered on for a solid 12 hours before I finally gave up. It is impossible to see ALL the temples of Angkor in a day – but you CAN do it strategically. In an ideal world, you would have a long enough stay in Siem Reap to spend more than a day exploring the temples of Angkor, but I know what it’s like – so much of SE

Phi Phi is quite literally an island of my dreams – and somewhere I have wanderlusted over ever since I watched cult movie The Beach (and fell in love with Leonardo DeCaprio, heh). Recently being here for a girls trip was so so much fun, and I am sure it is a place to visit on every twenty-something’s wanderlist! ABOUT PHI PHI Phi Phi is a tiny little island with one main, easily navigable street – don’t worry about getting lost here! The main street begins at the ferry terminal

Elephants have always been a huge tourist attraction in Thailand, with thousands of people riding them, and attending circus-type shows every single day. According to my research, elephants are not to be ridden, and in my personal opinion: should never be kept in a zoo or be forced to perform tricks for tourists. On our recent trip to Thailand, I was determined to meet some elephants, but wanted it to be within an environment where the elephants were happy and healthy. Enter: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Chiang Mai.   Elephant Jungle

Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party is probably one of the most well known parties in the world – hundreds and thousands of partiers flock to Ko Pha Ngan every month (and now every 2 weeks) to celebrate that month’s full (and half) moon on Haad Rin Beach. Going to the Full Moon party is on nearly every 20-something’s agenda when visiting Thailand, and it should be: It’s an experience of a lifetime! Here’s 7 things you need to know before you go: 1. How to get Ko Pha Ngan

What better way to end our whirlwind month around South East Asia than to check into Navutu Dreams:  a  resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia  specialising  in the wellness, health and rebalancing of their guests. We spent 4 wonderful nights here, attending yoga classes, learning about crystal healing, relaxing by the pool(s)… i’ve never felt so rejuvenated. THE ROOM We stayed in one of Navutu’s Grand Tour rooms,   which just happened to be adjacent to the pool and restaurant area.  Yess!  The room was extremely spacious, offering 3 seating areas, a

Bangkok is straight up CRAZY. From the fearless taxi and tuk tuk drivers driving wherever they please, to the carefree travellers partying along Khao San Road, the colours, the lights, the hustle… everything is always GO GO GO.  There’s a reason the Hangover 2 was based in Bangkok – prepare yourself for absolute CHAOS! Like any city, you can choose to experience it in three ways: in luxury, in comfort, or on a budget. UNLIKE other cities, however, Bangkok is surprisingly cheap to experience, and travellers on a budget can

A traveller’s paradise, Queenstown is an absolute favourite destination of mine (and many others I’m sure) and also happens to be one of the best cities to visit in New Zealand. Queenstown is never short of things to do: in fact, it is so adventure packed that I had to split this article into two parts! This is the first article of the “Queenstown series“, which will cover everything you need to do when you visit Queenstown: both in the summer and winter months! For now, here’s what you should

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