Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

I’m used to a summer Christmas, so when I spent last year having my first ever white christmas (didn’t even snow, fml) I milked it for all its worth – I’m talking Christmas markets twice daily. No exaggeration. I had an obsession!

Here are my TOP Christmas Market picks in Berlin, Germany:

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin


Gendarmenmarkt is a popular square in Berlin which TRANSFORMS into a winter wonderland come Christmas, probably the most atmospheric of them all. We’re talking a giant tree, professional carollers, rows star-lit white stalls – it’s lit. hehe. The market offers an incredible array of traditional food from multiple countries, handmade crafts, and merry entertainment for all – you couldn’t possibly leave this market not smiling! Entry is 1 euro.

Highlight: – Try a Flammkuchen – a thin German pizza available from a wooden hut near the Konzerthaus. Life. changing.



This Christmas market has more of a carnival-esque vibe, with a merry-go-round, light up displays and cotton candy galore! Alexanderplatz is an open space, meaning that it is far less crowded than Weihnachtszauber – which was very enclosed. Most of the families come here, as it is definitely a more child-friendly Christmas market – they even have a kid-size ice skating rink! How cute!

Alexanderplatz gets the prize for the most festive-looking stalls – each stall looks like a little gingerbread house – with ‘snow’ on the roof and fairy lights to boot! It’s also right opposite Primark, perfect for getting some Christmas shopping done too. Entry is free!

Highlight: The merry-go-round and light up displays give this market such a festive atmosphere, especially at night.

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin


Berliner Weihnachtszeit is impossible to miss – it offers a HUGE ferris wheel and circular ice-skating rink right in the centre of the market. I would say this is the most touristy-feeling one – considering it is right next to the TV tower, prices were much higher than other Christmas markets in Berlin. I recommend going here at night to see all the lights come on – it is so much more festive! Bonus – entry is free!

Highlights: Meeting all the mini ponies in their pens – ADORABLE!

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin


Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit this one as this Christmas market is only open Friday-Sunday. If you have a chance, I would DEFINITELY go here. January through November, Klunkerkranich is THE place to go to in Berlin – it is ultra hipster and IG heaven – did I mention it was a rooftop bar come chill out area offering views of the city?

In December it is transformed into an ‘ outdoor hipster Christmas market’ – which happens to be heated, yet is still a bar. Go here, obvi…

Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

That’s it for my top picks in Berlin! Dont’t stress if you aren’t in Berlin this Christmas season – European christmas markets are EVERYWHERE and if you are in Europe this December you won’t be able to miss them!

Where in the world is YOUR favourite christmas market, and why? Leave me a message down below, I would love to add some to my list for next year.. heh.

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