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Embarking on exchange (or Erasmus) will mean different things to different people – I spent both exchanges travelling and partying every weekend! At the end of the day, undertaking an exchange still involves some university assignments, readings and exams. Here are some tips that helped me achieve a healthy balance of work and play which still allowed me to travel every single weekend! 1. PLANNING IS KEY Careful and thoughtful planning is vital to any travelling expedition, so why not incorporate it into your studies? Find out when all of

Once you’ve made the decision to study abroad (Congratulations!), you have another crucial decision awaiting: Deciding exactly where to spend your semester. It’s a tricky one! Here are some tips to help you pick which country/city is right for you: 1. WORK WITHIN YOUR LIMITATIONS There are often many restrictions when it comes to picking a country/city to study abroad in. These restrictions can be anything from: The degree and subjects studied at university University Partnerships Visa requirements/limitations for various passport holders Language requirements Limited spots available Average individual grade