Ibiza. A clubber’s paradise. Let’s be real here guys… Ibiza is not   a place you visit to check out the architecture. Ibiza is an EXPERIENCE. People flock here from all over the world to HAVE A GOOD TIME: Party, drink, and dance til the sun comes up. Stereotypical, I know, but it is true. Some friends and I travelled to Ibiza during the summer last year to see if it was really as good as it was hyped up to be. It turns out Ibiza was the craziest, strangest experience

Embarking on exchange (or Erasmus) will mean different things to different people – I spent both exchanges travelling and partying every weekend! At the end of the day, undertaking an exchange still involves some university assignments, readings and exams. Here are some tips that helped me achieve a healthy balance of work and play which still allowed me to travel every single weekend! 1. PLANNING IS KEY Careful and thoughtful planning is vital to any travelling expedition, so why not incorporate it into your studies? Find out when all of

Cinque Terre is a series of picturesque, romantic coastal villages located on the Italian Riviera. When I say picturesque, I’m not exaggerating: we’re talking villages sculpted by the gods. Cinque Terre includes five main villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. You basically have two options to explore these villages: hiking, or the train. The train stops at all villages and is a very inexpensive and quick way to see all five. In theory, you could label Cinque Terre as a day trip, however this is one of those places

Every young twenty-something wants to explore the nightlife of a new city, that’s a given. Even if it’s a couple of low key drinks after dinner, or full on partying til dawn, going out in a new city is a sure fire way to meet new people. When I first came to Milan, our little expat group had no idea of figuring out the coolest clubs and bars to party at. After living in Milan for 6 months and having made friends with some local Milanese (Ciao!) I feel I

It was the perfect end to a perfect exchange: 5 friends, 5 days, and a tiny little Fiat, driving through Northern Sicily. Here’s eight of our best things to see and do when you find yourself in Sicily: 1. SPEND THE DAY SAILING AROUND THE ISLAND Hiring a boat (and a skipper) has never been so easy. No reservation? No Problem! Turn up to Cefalu beach (Spiaggia Caldura) and head to the information centre. Grab some drinks, some snacks, and get exploring! Our skipper took us to his favourite childhood

Damn, I love a good stopover. Last week I wrote an article on why you should include a stopover on your next trip – read  here  if you haven’t already. Dubai is always a favourite city of mine to stopover at, it truly is a city of the future, and I am never short of things to do while i’m visiting. Here’s a list of my top picks of things to do in Dubai, stopover or not: PLATINUM HERITAGE SAFARI This is one of those experiences you NEED to have

Once you’ve made the decision to study abroad (Congratulations!), you have another crucial decision awaiting: Deciding exactly where to spend your semester. It’s a tricky one! Here are some tips to help you pick which country/city is right for you: 1. WORK WITHIN YOUR LIMITATIONS There are often many restrictions when it comes to picking a country/city to study abroad in. These restrictions can be anything from: The degree and subjects studied at university University Partnerships Visa requirements/limitations for various passport holders Language requirements Limited spots available Average individual grade

I’ve always preferred stopovers whilst flying long-haul because it breaks up the journey and allows you to DO MORE EXPLORING!  Stopovers are seriously a traveller’s best friend. Here’s why: 1. TAP AND GAP: COUNTRY/CITY EDITION “Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying “I would stay and love you, but I have to go, this is my station” – Lisa St. Aubin de Terán. Stopovers give you the chance to basically test-drive a completely new culture, and then return back to ‘the norm’. If you liked it, great, put it

If you plan on travelling to Ljubljana (or Slovenia in general), a day trip to Lake Bled should 100% be on the cards. Here’s a step  by  step itinerary, leaving from Ljubljana: 9AM: Start the day right and get a fantastic breakfast at Centralina Postaja, a short 15 minute walk from the bus station. It offers an incredible breakfast buffet for only 2 euro (yes, seriously), and great coffee. Can confirm, the café also does great pizza. We may or may not have had it for breakfast round two (we

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